Who are the target stakeholders of OpporNet?

  • Private profit sector/SMEs/LEs
  • Research institutes and Academia
  • Individual researchers
  • Industries/projects/facilities
  • Technology parks
  • Business accelerators
    • Industry associations

    • Event organizers 

    • Regional/national policymakers
    • Government sector/Public bodies

    What is the story behind OpporNet?

    OpporNet has been designed and customized based on the Onvega technology (used in the first generations of GDMS and VegaRise developed from scratch in Sweden 2010-2014). This project has been developed and improved by long-term cooperation between INL (Intentional Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal) and Onvega AB (the creator of an information management tool for projects/organizations, Sweden) since 2016.
    The INL, located in Braga-Portugal was founded by the governments of Portugal and Spain to perform interdisciplinary research, deploy and articulate nanotechnology for the benefit of society.
    The Swedish-based company, Onvega, offers a responsive data management tool for projects/organizations. The solution combines big data coming from different teams, integrating them into one visual information platform.

    Is there a limit on the number of OpporNet users?

    No, there is no strict limit to the number of OpporNet users.

    What are the main functionalities of OpporNet?

    • Create personal and organizational profile
    • Connect with members and organizations
    • Participate in discussion forums
    • Create working groups, individual pages
    • Add service and products in the standard database
    • Share event, poll, equipment, service, call, publication, patent
    • Create different proposals, applications, awards, missions.
    • Access to the collaboration media
    • Access to the members club features
    • Access to geographical distribution to select the appropriate area
    • Access to the big picture features
    • Access to the matchmaking features

    What are the data sources of OpporNet based on?

    Keeping the network alive is of great importance; thus, OpporNet has been following a long-term sustainability strategy in this respect. OpporNet is a multilayer participatory platform that allows members to share information based on a many-to-many communication paradigm, and up-to-date data comes through the cooperation of the actors in this participatory network. OpporNet network is connected to a number of other networks, whose public information and statistical data are also available to OpporNet members. Oppornet knows the role of trust in business collaboration, Information security and Data ownership are our main focus.

    Is it possible to connect to the data of other systems?

    Yes, data transfer and data connection are possible both offline and through web service.

    • Possibility to show other networks and direct link to other networks
    • Interaction between public databases
    • Possibility to search into selected networks
    • Shaking hands with other platforms if necessary
    • Possibility to support API method to connect external databases

    What is the back office strategy?

    At OpporNet, the back office plays a key role internally; it supports market forces and performs administrative duties such as marketing, data management, operations support, as well as customer-facing roles, customer-support, call centers, etc.

    What makes OpporNet unique?

    • The advance feature to set up multiple networks to bring Network of Networks unique concept,
    • Offering filtered high-level information for knowledge-based intelligence and decision processes,
    • Facilitating the cooperation of practitioners, engineers, and scientists for providing knowledge in advance technologies,
    • Enabling members to provide expertise, best practice and production,
    • Offering matchmaking services which bring technology providers into contact with technology up-takers,
    • Building up a participatory business network relating to innovations in the manufacturing sector, developed based on real market needs,
    • Connecting to right projects and value chains,
    • Connecting to financing instruments and investors.

    How does it look like?

    Software platform powered by Oppornet

    #EPPN offers a collection of dedicated infrastructures and services and allows technology providers to engage with users, technology up-takers, and other actors in the ecosystem. The project has received funding from the European Union programme (H2020) under grant agreement No. 768681