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About Us

Oppornet is a film production company based in Sweden, Skåne county. With over twenty years of experience, our team consisting of international producers, writers, and directors, has made award-winning films around the world. We produce and co-produce documentaries, shorts, features, and tv series, with no geographical boundaries. We support touching stories with powerful cinematics, where real heroes are cherished.

Oppornet's team has co-produced films with countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Tunisia, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, etc. We aim for broader networks around the world to cooperate with great international and award-winning producers, writers, and directors. 

Oppornet looks for global production opportunities and film industry networks around the world, to achieve its primary goal; picturing powerful, suspenseful, and shocking tales, of various lengths, types, and genres with premium quality to reach bigger audience around the world, whether by theatrical release, VOD, TV, or film festivals.

Some of our works

We look for creative stories around the world.

Orange Days | 2019

Director: Arash Lahooti

Producer: Shahnam Shahbazzadeh

Country of Production: IRAN

Sepideh | 2013

Director: Berit Madsen

Producer: Stefan Frost

Production Manager: Shahnam Shahbazzadeh

Countries of Production: DENMARK, IRAN

Mariposa | 2013

Director: Hami Moeinfar

Producer: Hami Moeinfar

Country of Production: SWEDEN

Our team

Hamideh Moeinfar


Shahnam Shahbazzadeh

Producer/Production Manager

Haleh Taheripour


Rafi Pitts


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